RS Stereo Delay

The Parameters:

Parameter Time

The Delaytime can either be set by the potentiometers or if a more exact input is wished also by the input field which is under it. The possible range is between 0 and 1000 milliseconds.

Parameter Feedback

The feedback controller is adjustable in per cent and intends the factor which the retarded signal is multiplied and added to the original signal.

Here something caution is required, particularly in connection with higher cross - feedback values and a large feedback value, since continuous loops can form. The possible range is a value between 0 and 99.


Parameter Panorama

These two automatic controllers are responsible for the placement of the signal in the stereo image. In "Link" mode the automatic controllers affect the respective Delay - unit, otherwise the first (upper) panorama controller will be used for the positioning. The value "100" would correspond completely left and the value "0" right. If the "Stereo Delay" is feeded by a pure mono signal, this panorama controller sets the output level like the output controller.

Parameter Wet / Dry Controller

The Wet controller position regulates the portion between original and effect signal (100 = wet, 0 = dry).

Parameter Output Volume

The output fader determines the output level, which remains constant at the value of 100 to the input level, so it cannot amplify.

Filter Section

The Highcut filter section gives it the possibility to choose from 4 pre-defined frequencies, which always affect both Channels. The purpose of this filter is to let the Delay effect sound for the human ear more natural, since in nature at the distance also the higher frequencies first decrease in intensity.


Link Switch

This switch activates the stereo mode and thus the second Delay unit.

Parameter Cross Feedback

The Cross - Feedback controller is adjustable like the Feedback controller in per cent and determines the factor, for which intensity the already retarded signal is patched into the other Delay unit and then added to the signal again. Also here maximum Cross - Feedback values can generate continuous loops. The possible range is between 0 and 99.

If the Link -Mode is not activated, the Cross Feedback value does not have any effect on the signal flow.