RS Exact Delay

The fundamental idea behind this PlugIn is a hundred percent accurate computation of the deceleration time in consideration of the effects of the temperature on the speed of sound. "Exact Delay" has primarily the purpose to solve problems caused by run-time -differences of different microphone signals to adjust. Therefore it offers the possibility to enter the distance in centimeters and it generates, in dependence of the temperature and the speed of sound, the necessary delay time automatically. It can, however if necessary, also be used as a calculating help, without really retarding audio data in real time.


Usually for the calculation of the delay time the constant value of the speed of sound is used at a temperature of 20° Celsius. This value amounts at this temperature 343 m/s.

Parameter Temperature

The temperature can be entered not directly, only by the two up/down arrow keys by 1°C to be increased or degraded. The values extend from 0°C to 50°C, within the positive range


Parameter Distance

The distance is indicated in centimeters. In contrast to the temperature you can enter here directly a value between 0 and 10000 cm, i.e. up to 100 meters. With the arrow keys the distance can be changed by 1 centimeter steps.


Parameter Time

The deceleration time is generated automatically on the basis of the last two parameters. In addition, you can calculate so to say "vice - versa", and specify directly a time between 0 and 1000 milliseconds. With the help of the arrow keys the value can be changed in a milliseconds interval.